General Consequences for Not Adhering to Rules and Expectations

Disciplinary Reprimands

  • Verbal warning that behavior is not acceptable by school standards
  • Written warning that behavior is not acceptable by school standards
  • Students are put on notice that further incident may result in more serious or severe disciplinary action including and up to suspension or expulsion


  • Students/Parents may be held responsible for paying the costs of damage to school property.

Example: A student breaks a window in the classroom. The cost of the glass to replace the broken window and the labor for fixing it may be passed on to the student/parent

Disciplinary Restrictions

School personnel may restrict students from certain areas or from having contact with certain individuals on campus as a result of violating school rules.

Example: A student is disruptive in the community library, being disrespectful to staff and/or to library property. The Principal may issue a disciplinary restriction for that student that prohibits him or her from entering the library.

Example: Two students engage in a physical altercation the playground. After attempts to resolve the matter informally or through mediation/dispute resolution are unsuccessful, the Principal may issue restrictions in the form of a No-Contact Order or Agreement, which restricts any type of direct or indirect contact between the parties

Another form of disciplinary restrictions is restricting certain privileges. As a consequence to unruly, disorderly, or threatening behavior or other violations of established rules of conduct, students may lose certain privileges including, but not limited to:

  • Participation in extracurricular activities such as field trips, sports programs, clubs and organizations, assemblies and promotion events.
  • Students may also lose privileges associated with riding the bus and/or using school equipment.

Office Referrals

Students may be referred to the Counselor’s Office or to the Principal’s Office for cited violations of the code of conduct or other school rules. Depending on the infraction, offenders may be required to participate in dispute resolution or conflict mediation sessions.

Disciplinary Suspension

Disciplinary suspension is defined as temporary removal from school. There are considerations for in-school suspension as well as out-of-school suspension for a specified period of time.

Disciplinary Expulsion

Disciplinary expulsion is defined as permanent removal from the school.