Student Policies


In accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, parents have the right to see, correct, and control access to their students’ records. These records are kept in the Administrative Office.


Some of the information shared between families, teachers and administers is of personal and private nature. Staff members are to share this information only with those OOCS employees and professional consultants who have a “need to know.” We will not share this information with other parents, employees who have no direct contact with the situation, or others who appear to have no professional interest in having such information.


School policy recognizes natural parent(s) or legal guardian(s) who are appointed by the court. Under 25 CFR, definition of “parent” means a natural parent or adoptive parent, legal guardian or legal custodian of a student. It does not include the single father where paternity has not been acknowledged or established.

This means that the school CANNOT recognize parental rights and responsibility for the child, UNLESS the father (in the example above) has acknowledged or established paternity though the courts.

The name of the parent/guardians recognized by the school become part of the permanent school record. The recognized parent/guardian listed on the permanent school record will be the one(s) authorized to check the student out of school and receive information about the student’s progress.

No charges will be made without written authorization. Court documents, paternity statements, adoption papers, etc. should accompany the written authorization. When requests are made for documentations, parents can be assure that this information will be kept in strict confidentiality. (Please see section under Confidentiality.)


Library books and textbooks need to be returned before leaving. Transfer of records will not occur until all school property is returned. At the end of the school year, do not release report cards until all books are returned. Turn the report cards in to the principal along with the name(s) of student and the missing books.

If a family moves to another school’s attendance area during the school year, it is left to the principal and school board’s discretion whether or not the student will be allowed to continue to attend OOCS.