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March 24, 2020

Good Morning, keep smiling! Today I will present a short science experiment! Remember to write your answer neatly and draw the conclusion. Remember this is for fun, do not stress yourselves if you do not have the items listed. Focus Question: How does water move on a slope, or slanted surface? Write down the focus question and make a prediction. Gather the following material: a cookie baking sheet/ or some type of tray, a few books that are rather thick, wax paper, if you don’t have wax paper rub a little cooking oil on the cookie sheet, dropper if you do not have a dropper us a small teaspoon, a small cup of water, and something to clean up the water. Procedure: (a) Create a slope by using a book to prop up one end of a tray. Engineer, or make a slope that raises one end of the tray about 5-7 cm above the tabletop. (b) Lay waxed paper on the tray to create a smooth surface. Or rub a small portion of cooking oil on the tray with your fingers. (c) Use the dropper or teaspoon to drop water on the waxed paper. Observe. (d) Return the water to the cup of water. Here are some activities to observe. After you complete these activities write and describe how water moves down a slope. You also need to draw the slope. • Put drops on top of each other. • Release drops from different heights. • Compare the speed of different sizes of drops/domes on the slope. • Find out if one dome can chase and catch another dome. Now set up water-dome races. • Prop one end of the tray on a book. • Hold up the other end of the tray so it is level. • Make several water domes of different sizes across the tray at the uphill end. Leave enough space between the drops so you can watch each one move. • Lower the tray to create a slope and observe. • Increase your slope to add a variable to the experiment. • Now write and draw what you observed for the focus question.

March 26, 2020

Book Report Exemplar Name: Mrs. Katherine S. Salazar Date: Thursday, March 26, 2020 Title of Novel: “Hattie Big Sky” Author: Kirby Larson The setting of this story starts out in Arlington, Iowa on December 19, 1917 at about the time that the USA entered World War I. The main character is a 16 year old girl named Hattie Inez Brooks. Throughout the story she is writing letters to her friend Charlie, who volunteered and is a soldier fighting in Europe for the Allies, (the side of the USA). Hattie’s parents died when she was very young and she is an orphan. She has lived with many different relatives and has often referred to herself as “Hattie No Place”, because she does not feel like she belongs to anybody, or anyplace. Then one day she receives a mysterious letter from an uncle she did not even know she had, her mother’s brother Uncle Chester. The uncle has actually passed away and wrote her a letter willing her his claim to a homestead in Montana. Hattie decides to move to Montana in the winter and works the claim during the spring, summer, and fall. She is very fortunate to have good kind neighbors that help her survive the fierce weather of Montana. To keep the claim Hattie has to cultivate 40 acres of the land and set four hundred eighty rods of fence. The story describes all of Hattie’s difficult chores, and all of the fun she has living and loving the “Big Sky of Montana”. The end of the story was sad because a terrible hail storm came and wiped out Hattie’s wheat crop. Hattie was counting on this wheat crop to pay her bills for the fencing, groceries, plowing, harvesters, and pay $37.35 for land fees. Hattie only had 10 months to do all this work because Uncle Chester staked his claim in November of 1915. Hattie loses the claim, loses the land. She takes a job as a maid to pay off her bills. Then the war is over and Charlie asks Hattie if he can go visit her. That is how the story ends. I infer that perhaps Charlie and Hattie marry and move to Seattle, Washington because Charlie is an airplane mechanic. I read this novel because it is a Newberry Honor Book, and because it goes with our theme for reading, “A Changing Nation”

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